The Leader in Enterprise Data Management

The Leader in Enterprise Data Management

Provides its software-defined solutions that are built and supported by HPE. Owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., and also offers backup and disaster recovery solutions. Validate your contact data in real-time or in batch with our data validation solutions. Get complete peace of mind that your database and data are secure, accessible, and maintained by experts with our database administration services. A plethora of STM publishing solutions – content monetization, database aggregation, abstraction and indexing, etc.

  • Get help with data strategy, consulting, digital transformation on cloud, and data management services to realize virtual enterprise vision.
  • Delivered a cloud-based scalable cost-effective platform on performance analytics for a UK-based global investment firm.
  • Create a holistic view of your consumer data by consolidating and de-duplicating your records to better understand your customers.
  • Extracts data from sources that are not optimized for analytics, moves it to a central host that is optimized for analytics.
  • Enterprises are flooded with information that comes from heterogeneous sources.

We have recently released TerminusDB v10.1 which we have labeled The Mule. We have added several technical features and performance enhancements, but most of these are all pieces on the way to realizing our broader vision. Theoris is an engineering and IT consulting firm specialized in the complexities of enterprise data management solutions, including data inventory and governance. We work alongside you to create a comprehensive strategy for managed data for your organization.

What’s data quality management?

A full spectrum of Learning Management Systems and customized eLearning application development services. Get started with DigiPayroll to experience efficient management of employee payroll & assured compliance with government policies. Developing and deploying effective mobility solutions using innovative web, mobile and cloud technologies. Innovative web-based asset management what is enterprise software software for desktops and mobile devices. What we do From engineering and data science to sales and customer support, discover the work that Bloomberg employees perform – and where your own skills and talents best fit. With regulatory data, you want to be sure that the correct data is being inserted, with TerminusDB you can natively build workflows with approval steps.

Data Governance on IBM Cloud Pak for Data Discover, trust and protect data with an automated metadata-driven data foundation. The Alex unified platform allows you to find and use any data, anywhere. The solution is offered in two appliance options and is also available as a software-only distribution. Enables users to deploy storage clusters without being locked into proprietary hardware. A GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) software to manage changing policy frameworks.

Even before you get started on your enterprise, data professionals can start data management in their own analytics environment with Tableau’s add-on solution, Data Management. Building an integrated data ecosystem that delivers personalized experiences in real time to increase purchases, build brand loyalty, and prevent churn. Our solution framework and accelerators are derived from our experience in building robust data architectures across various business domains. Align IT with the business by mapping applications, technologies and data to the value streams and business functions they support. Define business capabilities and interdependencies as they relate to enterprise strategy, bridging the gap between ideation and implementation. Manage the data about your data, including understanding associations and lineage.

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From general maintenance to project consulting and 24/7 support, our DBA services will help you rest easy knowing your database is fully secure and working for you. Effective infrastructure management along with data security audits, disaster recovery and VAPT services, etc. The revision control and collaboration features help data scientists work more efficiently and provide organization to their work. These results can then be compared to determine which model is right for the request.

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They use Google Analytics, Social Media, CRM, SEMRush, and sales metrics to try and figure out how to maximize their efficiency. These data sources are disparate and difficult to collectively glean meaning from. Marketing can then see their data across applications to determine which campaigns are working, what influencer activity is bringing in leads, and which email headline brings the most website traffic. Enter TerminusDB on horseback, suit of armor glistening in the morning sun. It is amazing how often data conflicts, one of our customers for example had over 52% of data conflicting from external sources.

RMS (Risk Management Solutions)

Is a provider of scalable storage and processing solutions, as well as professional services. Specialized research, publication, information and content management solutions for the healthcare industry. Streamlining business processes, enhancing productivity using scalable enterprise solutions. They can give data engineers and software developers access to the bundle with all of the information they need to deploy it.

enterprise data solutions software

If you are challenged with the understanding of your current data governance capabilities and the roadmap for where you need to be tomorrow to better manage your data assets, we offer you the capabilities. Data lake Store and query structured, semi-structured and unstructured data with this data storage solution. Store, manage, secure and unlock the hidden value of your data and databases with purpose-built technologies for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployments. Find out when your business, technology and data architectures work together, not in silos. Define and categorize data and view metadata, establishing standards and rules so it can be consumed and then used by information systems and the business functions they serve.

Quickly deploy and easily manage ransomware resilient NetBackup data protection. The survey discovers where organizations are in their digital journey, how consumers are perceiving digital experiences, and consumer expectations. Go from needing multiple people to investigate data for weeks at a time, to fully automated insights in minutes. Apply machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI/ML) to optimize and automate IT processes. Rapidly recover data cost-effectively and at scale, on-prem or in the cloud. Storage servers, on hardware from companies such as Dell and HPE, and natively on AWS in the public cloud.

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The Digital Group has continued to provide key contributors on many of our projects. The Digital Group has been both a stable and flexible partner throughout the years and has been an integral part of CT Lien Solution’s success. They have excelled at providing us with high quality professionals who have made our business their business and feel like a natural extension to our company.

enterprise data solutions software

Then, there are data regulations, such as HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA, that cause challenges across industry sectors. Erwin by Quest helps organizations see and understand how data flows through and impacts them, so they can realize their data-driven potential and avoid headaches. The provider offers Hard Disk Drives and Solid-State Drives for desktop and notebook personal computers, as well as the performance enterprise and capacity enterprise markets.


Schema and metadata branches – Obtaining an understanding of data that doesn’t belong to you can take time. TerminusDB enables the creation of branches for metadata so that anyone using the data can get a better understanding of it, which, in turn, helps improve their usage of it. Additionally, as TerminusDB features schema, this provides structure and a blueprint for those using the data to get a better understanding.

World Leading Automated Cross-System Data Lineage.

Much like Git, teams can collaboratively build their data requirements out, review the work of others and test it out before merging. This helps improve quality, speed up development, and also avoid breaking things. Theoris has a proven track record of providing project-based services for our clients in the areas of software development and infrastructure. The scope of our software development and infrastructure projects encompass the full lifecycle ranging from project charter through implementation. As you design your data strategy, explore IBM’s comprehensive portfolio of data and AI solutions that serve as the building blocks of modern data architectures like data fabric.

This blog talks about the best practices and steps in creating MDM strategy for efficient business outcomes. Our team engages with your stakeholders, subject matter experts and leadership for 4-6 weeks, to provide recommendations for your enterprise data intelligence program. We help align your data assets and data needs with critical strategic objectives and business processes.

For example, what does your sales department need to store its leads and opportunities? To start, it will probably need names, phone numbers, and email addresses. These fields will likely be piped in from another tool and we’ll need to know the relevant details.

Sign up for a free trial and get data into your data warehouse in minutes. Businesses with robust EDM policies, procedures, and tools have a better chance of keeping their data accurate, high-quality, secure, and available. Ovation™ Enterprise Data Solutions are designed for collecting and processing plant data, and viewing of current and past process information from anywhere within your corporate structure. This provides remote users a high-fidelity representation of the control room. Fundamental data management challenges—silos, complexity, and inconsistent data sets—limit your ability to use data to make employees and customers day-to-day workflows easier.

Metadata management

Establish policies and processes to ensure metadata can be integrated, accessed, shared, linked, analyzed and maintained across an organization to guide strategic and operational decision-making. The vendor’s public cloud services are offered in data centers in the central and eastern U.S., the U.K., Australia, and Hong Kong. The vendor provides services to financial services firms, healthcare organizations, energy companies, government facilities, and cloud service providers.

Additionally, Western Digital offers HDDs used in consumer electronics such as DVRs, security surveillance systems, and gaming consoles. In addition to data storage, the provider offers enterprise IT, medical, high-performance computing, and media and entertainment solutions. Enterprise data management refers to a set of processes, practices, and activities focused on data accuracy, quality, security, availability, and good governance. Use active metadata, automated integration and AI governance to create widespread and organized data access with a data fabric architecture built on IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Optimize the protection, performance, and cyber resiliency of all your enterprise data and applications across any cloud, any environment, at any scale. Document how your organization works, including management, operational and supporting processes.